Dog Grooming  & Washing

Grooming includes a hydro infused shampoo & bubble wash, hand dry rub and 15 minutes brushing. This is followed by cutting, styling and a blow dry. It also includes de-matting of knotted hair. We also clean ears and clip nails as part of our inclusive package. Check out our various packages on our price list page. We can also tailor packages to suit you and your dogs needs.

We also provide a wash only service as well as a de-matting service and a de-odorizing service (we know dogs have a habit of rolling in the worst things they can find).

It is a proven fact that regular washing and grooming helps to keep a dog fit and healthy. Our expert staff will also keep and eye out for any skin allergies or other issues that may affect your dog.

Don’t forget we also offer a pick up and drop off service so if you have a busy schedule let us help.

Dog Training

We are delighted to have partnered with Heather Williams to allow us to offer Dog Training Services.

Heather is a qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and has many years of experience working with dogs and their owners.  Currently available are one on one sessions and in future there may be group classes.  She enjoys teaching basic obedience as well as solving more complicated behavioural issues, and has worked with a range of breeds – hounds in particular!  In her own time Heather trains her own two dogs, Jenga and Fizzgig, for obedience and agility.

She can be contacted via this website or by mobile at 083 8745 646 or through her Facebook page:

Dog Walking

We offer the best walking experience for your dog. Dogs love company and love getting out in the fresh air to sniff around and release a bit of energy. We tailor the walks to suit your dog. If you dog gets on with other dogs we will often share walks which gives them greater enjoyment.

Kerry is a perfect playground for dogs and full of exciting walks of all kinds, from the beach to the hills we will quickly discover what your dog likes and give them that perfect treat whenever you want. Walking prices start at €5 but vary depending on the type and number of dogs as well as the amount of walks required.

Pet Sitting

Going away for the weekend or on a short holiday. Don’t worry, we can mind your pets while you are away. Our service includes visiting and feeding the animals, walking dogs, putting the pets to bed and generally pampering and looking after the welfare of your pets.

We will send you updates on a daily basis and include photographs or video feeds so that you can see how your favourite friends are getting on. Prices start at €20 per day which includes feeding, walking and updates but is negotiable depending your location, the number of dogs and the length of sitting required.

Ear Cleaning & Nail Trimming

Dogs should have their ears cleaned regularly to prevent mites and disease. Dogs have a keen sense of sound and need their ears to be clean and healthy.

Dog nails grow quite quickly and unless your dog spends a lot of time outdoor on rough ground their nails will need trimming on a regular basis. Don’t worry, it is a painless procedure.

Pick up & Drop

We know that it can be awkward to get your dog to the groomers and to pick it up again at a particular time. That is why we now offer a Pick Up & Drop service. We will pick up your Pet or Pets, take them to be groomed and drop them back (all squeaky clean) at a time that suits you. We can even arrange for grooming to be done on-site if you have a large number of pets, or a pet that is very nervous. (subject to water & electricity being available).

Additional Services

Additional services that we can offer include Cat grooming, Pet Minding and Creative Styling (Colouring). We are also willing to customize and tailor our services to meet our customers (and their pets) needs.